‘Injecting new energy by not always choosing the safe option.’


In the media

Off the beaten track
A conversation with Van der Kruijs. From Focus op Zorg (Focus on Healthcare) – September 2009
In a conversation with the spokesperson of the healthcare sector, in which Vanderkruijs is particularly active, Wil van der Kruijs and Dorothea van Rijnen outline the ways in which their company prefers to work.

Searching out a different kind of candidate
Be different. This expression typifies Vanderkruijs’ line of approach when assisting, in this case health care organisations, in the search for the right managers in times of change. Traditional healthcare managers fill these roles no better than the, until recently highly prized, managers from the business world. ‘We advise clients to look for a different type of candidate, with a different background. Those who, as well as having business acumen, also care about patients and the primary functions of the healthcare sector.’ As Vanderkruijs is active in a larger public arena rather than health care alone, the company has access to an extensive network from which it can select candidates with all manner of backgrounds.
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