‘Assess the association by the space allowed for the strength of characters.’


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Tandem Duo: Chairman-Director
Strange fellows, those guys at the top. Or a super duo? From VM (Association Management Magazine) – April 2010
Marcel Gasseling of Vanderkruijs uses the legendary comic hero duo Asterix and Obelix as an example and gauge for achieving an optimally functioning association board.

What type of ‘heroes’ re-enforce one another?
As an association, whom do you choose as chair, and who as director? In order to prevent ‘too much of the same’ and to be able to assess the various types of managers in relation to the association and its characteristics, reading comic strips can be inspiring. The story can help answer questions about the type of ‘hero’ an organisation might need, and the type of personalities that can re-enforce each other. You know in advance: a director and a chairman with the same management style will not help the association move forward. Find people with different styles of lobbying; people who complement each other and whose styles do not entirely overlap.
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