IHE Delft Institute for Water Education


Professor Eddy Moors will become the new Rector of IHE Delft. He was officially introduced at the Institute’s 60th Anniversary Conference last week. Eddy Moors will succeed Dr. Fritz Holzwarth, who has been Rector ad interim for the past 1,5 years. Professor Moors will start on 1 July.

Eddy Moors was head of the research team ‘Climate change and adaptive land & water management’ at Alterra (the Wageningen Environmental Research group). He is also a Professor of Water and Climate at the VU University Amsterdam. He completed his PhD in 2012, focussing on the interaction between the atmosphere and the earth. Eddy Moors specialized in the research of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Chair of the IHE Delft Foundation Board Dirk-Jan van den Berg explained the Board’s choice for the Rector position: “We believe that Eddy Moors is a candidate who brings in a solid academic track record, the experience of managing academic institutions, an important network, and international experience.”

Prof. Eddy Moors: “Water has always been my passion, and still is. I worked in water in different places in the world. I studied land and water use in Wageningen and specialized in meteorology and hydrology, after which I started my career at the World Meteorological Organization. I encountered IHE Delft for the first time in Barbados. Together with retired staff member Jan Nonner and TU Delft professor Huub Savernije I gave a hydrology course to water professionals in the Caribbean. Subsequently, I was offered a job at Wageningen University. I will visit the Institute frequently in May and June and hope to talk to a lot of staff members in my preparation for becoming the new Rector. I am very much looking forward to that and to start working at IHE Delft in the summer.” Terug.