University College Roosevelt

Managing director

University College Roosevelt is delighted to announce that Etienne de Jager will be the new Managing Director and member of the Executive Board of University College Roosevelt. He will be appointed per February 1, 2022, for a period of six years.
Etienne de Jager (Windhoek, Namibia, 1985) is currently Head of Marketing, Communications, and Recruitment at UCR. In just under two years, he has revolutionized the functioning of this department with a strongly goal-oriented, transparent, and data-driven approach. His leadership, enthusiasm, and broader view of the college made him stand out among the candidates for the position.

Upon the news of his appointment, Etienne stated that “University College Roosevelt (UCR) tugs at the heart strings. From the moment I first set foot through the door two years ago, I realized that this is a special place. Small, yet wonderfully diverse. International, yet entirely interwoven. In the heart of Middelburg, yet truly global. It’s a place whose influence defies borders with a prominent place in the local community, fundamental and strong provincial connections, and an alumni community living, working, and making a difference in every corner of the world. I am humbled and honored to have been appointed as Managing Director of such a wonderful place. I am very much looking forward to working with students and colleagues, academic, provincial, and external partners to unleash the incredible potential of this unique institution. And I am excited to see how we can, collectively, continue to make a difference.”

Gerard van Harten, chair of the Board of Trustees: “As Board of Trustees, we are very pleased that Etienne has accepted the appointment to the position of Managing Director. Since he came to UCR, he has demonstrated how to get things done in marketing and recruitment in a new and unique way, with great results. He has shown how a small department can achieve great results with a clever, goal-oriented approach. We are convinced that in his role of Managing Director he will act in similar ways and help shape the future of UCR.”

Before joining UCR, Etienne de Jager worked in marketing and business development for InnoEnergy – a pan-European KIC of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology – Rotterdam School of Management, and Bayes (formerly Cass) Business School. He was educated in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education at the University of Manchester in the UK, and at the North-West University in South Africa.