‘Working together as equal partners.’

Carien Verhoeff


‘Working together as equal partners.’
Governance matters. The influence of executive directors and supervisors on the dynamics, culture, and achievements of organizations is not to be underestimated. We are driven to find the best executives and supervisors within the field of education and government NVs through enthusiasm and knowledge.
After my PhD research at the University of Amsterdam, I combined science and consultancy within my career. This as advisor at Holland Consulting Group, partner at BMC and as associate lector at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, I am associated with the TIAS School for Business & Society.
My enthusiasm lies within the opportunity to contribute to societal themes such as diversity, inclusion, democracy, and excellent achievements. Inspiration by virtue of these themes can lead to positive change within the field of leadership.
To this, I am happy to contribute as partner in executive search at Vanderkruijs.

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