'Experience in itself is not a condition for a successful appointment.’

Tom Geerdink


'Experience in itself is not a condition for a successful appointment.’
After studying Psychology for four years and obtaining a master’s degree in Business Administration, I spent 22 years learning and wielding management consultancy and executive search at Twynstra Gudde, in both the private as in the public domain. Within many years of (managing) partnership I set up and lead the branches of Human Talent Advisory and Interim Management at Twynstra Gudde. Between 1998 and 2003 I was the executive director of the firm. I alternated my stint at Twynstra Gudde with a position in the board of directors at Achmea Insurance and as a partner at Holtrop Ravesloot Executive Search.
Executive appointments in an ever changing environment are akin to strategic interventions. Especially if the candidate fits the ambitions of the organisation and he/she is capable of truly giving meaning to those. Not just experience, but also, and perhaps maybe more so, personality and learning ability are crucial for determining leadership of the unknown.
My role within the executive search procedure is that of an advisory executive searcher, providing clients and candidates with counsel. This if from my true belief people actually do make the difference for an organisation. A successful appointment for me means the organisation is happy with its new employee and the candidate feels welcomed at his/her new position, and not just in the first few weeks.

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