Complete and balanced

Vanderkruijs aims to be the right partner in the search and selection of the best candidates for directorships, management roles and supervisory positions. When seeking out the best candidate we focus on diversity. This is sometimes due to the specifications of the client, but also always due to our conviction that diversity at the top makes for complete organisations and balanced decision-making. Vanderkruijs profiles itself, not as a company that targets a specific group (women, individuals with a non-Dutch background), but as a modern supplier in the field of executive search with a cosmopolitan profile. We believe in contributing to the diversity of organisations. Through our belief that a policy of diversity helps clients realise their objectives, we have built up an extensive network. As a result, for example, in the last three years, 40% of the staff we have selected for public sector positions have been women.

'Talent to the top' Charter
With the signing of the ‘Talent to the Top’ charter, Vanderkruijs is positioning itself as a company that emphasises the importance of considering diversity when seeking out and selecting directors, managers and supervisors. The Taskforce responsible for the ‘Talent to the Top’ charter, with Sybilla Dekker as chairperson, is working towards an increase in female talent entering into, progressing through and holding top positions.

With the signing of the ‘Talent to the Top charter’ has Vanderkruijs committed itself to the following goals:
  • The development of a renewed market proposition for public organisations and social enterprises, based on the Diversity at the Top theme.
  • Obtaining more assignments from clients who specifically state that they strive for diversity at the top.
  • Promoting the Vanderkruijs brand as a contemporary, modern provider in the field of executive search, with a cosmopolitan orientation in the selection of candidates.
  • Extending the Vanderkruijs community with the addition of more women and candidates from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Drawing on our knowledge and experience in order to establish diversity as an essential element in the designing of job profiles and selection procedures.
Mercedes de Miranda of Vanderkruijs shares the company's ambition to diversify boardrooms.