Determining, identifying, validating, approaching and reference checking

Sustaining optimal quality goes hand in hand with a structured work method. We therefore offer bespoke services, taking time to discuss in detail the various phases in the search process with you as employer or candidate. In this way you know where you stand.

In an assignment we differentiate, in principle, the following stages: determining the assignment and the task at hand; identifying the market and potential candidates; validating these candidates; approaching and selecting candidates and pursuing references.

Determining the assignment and the challenge for the manager
Effective collaboration forms the basis for optimal search results. At the start of every assignment we put significant effort into establishing this cooperative relationship. We want to have a thorough understanding of your organisation prior to starting the recruitment process, or we already know your organisation from a previous assignment and want to continue the collaboration.

In order to determine the search profile we talk to various stakeholders within your organisation and make use of any information already available. The resulting profile is more than a simple job description plus information about the organisation. Specific requests will be defined, as well as the required knowledge, experience and (core) competencies. This way we establish insight and consensus concerning the type of leadership that is required for future years; the basis of a successful search.

Mapping out the market and identifying candidates
Using our expertise and experience, and via our network of contacts, we map out the market and identify potential candidates. We clearly maintain strict confidentiality and do this in close collaboration with you (market search).

By investing continuously in our network and being alert to developments in the various markets in which we operate, we possess an extensive, up to date database of candidates, whom we (wherever possible) have met personally. We know their strengths and weaknesses, their ambitions and management styles. In the opinion of our candidates, Vanderkruijs has an exclusive reputation in the field of executive search, and therefore candidates want us to known them. We continue to invest in getting to know and following interesting candidates (file search).

In principle we do not consider it necessary to advertise, as evident from referral assignments that have mostly been carried out without advertisements. Of course there can be specific reasons for choosing to place an ad. Should this be the case, we can integrate the advertisement into our search and selection procedure and advise you, if desired, about the choice of media.

Our many years of experience, knowledge of the sector and our network, offer considerable added value during this phase in the process. We are highly aware of the reputation of the candidates presented by us, offering a more thorough representation than ‘average’ in this field.

Additionally, we pursue candidates’ references , wherever possible, prior to their presentation to you.

Approaching and selection of candidates
Candidates are approached personally, and in confidence, by our consultants or our research advisors.

In the pre-selection interview with a candidate , we assess the patterns in their career, any particular achievements in earlier roles, the challenges that were taken on, relevant learning moments as well as their style of management. This provides us with a strength-weakness analysis and possible concerns for development in relation to the particular tasks of the proposed function. The purpose of these pre-selection interviews is to make a preliminary assessment of a candidate’s ability and qualifications, which supports subsequent interviews carried out by our clients, and reference inquiries.

Detailed reference check
Before appointing the preferred candidate we look into their reference in more detail. We do this in close consultation with the candidate and you as our client. We focus on the last two positions the candidate has held, focusing on at performance, achievements, style of management and working relationships, supplemented by any additional issues brought up by the selection committee. We will provide you with a document reporting on all the references obtained. When desired, a background investigation can be carried out by a specialised agency.