Contemporary, modern provider in the executive search branch

At the time of its establishment in 1987, Vanderkruijs was one of the first providers of executive search in the Dutch public sector. In subsequent years, Vanderkruijs developed into a specialised agency for search and selection for the top levels of management of private public-sector enterprises, operating in the precarious playing field between government, market and civil society. Organisations such as hospitals, care institutions and insurance companies, universities, vocational education providers, building corporations, cultural enterprises, charities, water- and energy suppliers, public transport bodies, public interest organisations and enterprises with a cooperative structure.

Vanderkruijs has established a reputation as a contemporary, modern provider in the executive search branch, with a strong cosmopolitan profile, which is reflected in our selection of candidates. We strongly believe  that diversity at the top enhances unity and balances decision-making within organisations. We are proud signatories of the ‘Talent to the Top’ Charter, in recognition of the fact that in the past year nearly 55% of our appointed candidates  were women.