‘A new era has dawned in Executive Search.’


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Executive search in the higher education sector
Changing players in a changing world. From Thema Hoger Onderwijs (Theme in Higher Education) – September 2007
Markets change, people change and companies active in the professionalisation of recruitment change along with them. Pieter Cortenbach of Vanderkruijs outlines some of the current developments in the field, where executive search can add value to the higher education sector.

Wanted: Jack of all trades
In the higher education sector, as in many other sectors, greater and more far-ranging demands are being made of top management. At the same time, markets and their requirements are becoming increasingly transparent, not least due to the influence of the Internet. In this environment, is a company specialised in executive search still really necessary when it comes to finding the right person for the right top job? Most definitely, asserts Cortenbach. When it comes to filling positions in the top echelons of higher education, ‘jacks of all trades’ are now required more than ever. People who not only have professional competencies in their own field, but who also have universal skills. Executive search can be the key to success in finding such people.
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