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Tilburg University is an excellent academic environment, located at a beautiful campus with excellent facilities, in which research and education take place. Tilburg University has a high international reputation in scientific research and education, is anchored in the region, and a player in the world with a clear internationalization strategy. Under the motto “understanding society,” Tilburg University strives to advance society by deepening the understanding of that society. Connected as the university is to society, it deploys excellent research for “the good life” for everyone. Tilburg University educates its students with the aim of developing the knowledge, skills, and character they need to meet today's and future challenges.
Please click on the video below for an impression of the School and University.

Tilburg University has a culture of cooperation and co-creation, at local, regional, national and international level. We connect our own activities with those of other educational institutes, the business community, governments and civil society organisations and with our alumni at home and abroad. We seek the connection between the various disciplines in order to find solutions for the major issues that we as a society face.

Tilburg University is run under the auspices of the Catholic University of Brabant Foundation (Stichting Katholieke Universiteit Brabant). The aim of this Foundation is to promote scientific research and education with an open Catholic signature. The Board of Governors monitors the objectives of Tilburg University and fulfils the function of internal supervisor. The administrative duties and powers are largely vested in the Executive Board. At the central level, participation is organized in the University Council, which includes staff and students. At a decentralized level, employee participation takes place within the Schools and Divisions.

The primary processes of research, education, and impact are invested within the five Schools and one university business school that are diverse in size and positioning: Economics & Management; Law; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Humanities and Digital Sciences; Catholic Theology; and the TIAS School for Business and Society. The support of these processes is organized within University Services, which consists of seven Divisions: Academic Services, Executive Services, Facility Services, Finance & Control, Human Resources, Library & IT Services, and Marketing & Communication.

Tilburg University has more than 19.000 Bachelor's and (pre-)Master's students (over 18% of whom have a non-Dutch passport with approximately 100 nationalities), approximately 1,900 FTE employees of whom 1,075 FTE are academic staff and an annual turnover of over €250 million. The university is largely housed on its own campus on the outskirts of Tilburg, with smaller locations in the center of Tilburg, Utrecht, and Den Bosch. The university's financial position is healthy, which makes it possible to facilitate the strong growth achieved in recent years.

In recent years, the university has performed well and realized a number of important innovations, including the establishment of the Jheronimus Academy of Data Sciences in Den Bosch in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology, the realization of an impact program aimed at knowledge valorization, and the establishment of a high-quality augmented reality lab.

The assignment is to capitalize even more of the existing potential in the coming years. This requires sharp, strategic choices and implementation of the intentions have been set out in a jointly designed and broadly supported Institutional Strategy (2018-2021) (clickable). At the same time, preparations for a new strategic plan for the coming period will begin at the end of 2020.

Board and management
The Executive Board is responsible for the management of Tilburg University and the preparation and implementation of the policy. The Executive Board work as a collegiate body and currently consists of three members: a Rector Magnificus/President, a Vice-Chair and a Vice-Rector Magnificus.

Each School is led by a board consisting of a Dean, Vice-Dean for Research, Vice-Dean for Education, and a Managing Director. The supporting Divisions that make up University Services are each headed by a Division Director. There are various consultative structures and consultation moments between the Executive Board, Deans, and Directors focused on knowledge exchange, deliberation, and decision-making.

The expectations of students, staff, and citizens about the way Tilburg University takes responsibility, is open to collaboration, and communicates transparently are rightly high and growing continuously. Based on the Executive Board's ultimate responsibility for the management of Tilburg University and the professional autonomy of scientists, the management philosophy is characterized by integrated management at a decentralized level, shared support, and tailored risk management.

Tilburg University has a shared vision on leadership (Connected Leading) in which personal and team development and the further development of leadership is pursued by stimulating dialogue, openness, and transparency. The university's Leadership Team (Executive Board, Deans, Vice-Deans, and Directors) is an important ambassador of the leadership program.

In order to excel in mono- and multidisciplinary research and to offer excellent and innovative education, all support staff and support activities, excluding the Managing Directors, are centrally bundled in Divisions that together form University Services. With a view to excellent business operations for the benefit of research, education, and impact, Tilburg University's objective is to adopt a service mentality that puts students and scientists first. The aim is to harmonize and efficiently organize the support processes and to further develop the strong partnership between the Schools and University Services.

The Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Tilburg School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (TSB) is one of the five schools of Tilburg University (TiU). The School has an (inter)national orientation focused on excellent, innovative education and research of the highest quality. TSB excels in multidisciplinary research in the area of Health, Well-Being and Adaptiveness Studies Using Intensive Data. Tranzo is one of the top centres of the School. The educational and research programs are an integral part of what the university has to offer and are very much in line with the mission of TiU, ‘Understanding Society’.

TSB operates according to two guiding principles:
  • To provide excellent educational programs in the areas of Psychology, Sociology, Human Resource Studies, and Organization Studies all with a very strong basis in Methodology and Statistics. The instruction is based on the most recent scientific insights and is delivered according to the principles of the Tilburg Educational Profile;
  • To provide excellent empirical research in the academic areas that are represented within the schools’ Herbert Simon Research Institute. The research is both fundamental and applied in nature and also with a focus on valorisation.

TSB employs about 450 people, including forty-five (45) professors. The School offers five bachelor and fifteen (research) master degrees. Annually, about 1800 new students start their studies in one of the degree programs. Close to a total of 4500 students are enrolled in TSB and it offers guidance and educational programs to 100 internal and 200 external doctoral candidates.

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences is looking for a new dean. The vacancy has been created since the previous dean, Jantine Schuit, accepted the position of Vice-Rector Magnificus in the Executive Board. Please view this video (clickable) on the challenges for the new dean at Tilburg University.

The Position
As dean, you exercise the overall leadership of the School including having the final responsibility for the organization of the academic research and educational programs. In addition, you will implement the mandate of the Executive Board with regard to human resources and financial management of the School, whereby you will be supported by a managing director from within the School and two vice-deans for education and research respectively. As member of the body of the Executive Board and Deans (OCD), you are co-responsible for the general policy making of Tilburg University, particularly with regard to the preparation of the strategic plan and the university’s budget among other things. You are accountable to the Executive Board.

The important task is the further strengthening of an (inter)nationally as well as regionally appealing portfolio of high quality education and research with a focus on co-creation and cohesion.

The dean
  • is or will become a professor at Tilburg University and has an academic track record in research and education in a discipline relevant to the School;
  • has, in addition to an academic specialization relevant to the disciplines and/or profile of the School, a broad and demonstrable orientation toward the other academic disciplines of the School and University;
  • has the experience and/or ability to lead professionals from a management responsibility in a university or other scientific institution;
  • has a clear vision on the innovation of (online) education and teaching;
  • intrinsically advocates the value of inter-, trans- and multi-disciplinary research and values the principles of ‘Open Science’;
  • stimulates the approach to the scientific process based on cooperative work and new ways of diffusing knowledge by using digital technologies and new collaborative tools;
  • values highly the core principles of “recognition & rewards” (erkennen & waarderen);
  • is able to give the School a recognizable position within the university and establish all relevant connections for this purpose;
  • plays a connecting role in the collaboration with and between the various Schools and the board of the university and in the collaboration with external partners;
  • has an (inter)national, scientific and administrative network relevant to the School, has demonstrated social engagement and is prepared to use that network to serve the School and to further develop it;
  • is able to respond alertly and with flexibility to external developments and changes with regard to educational programs and research possibilities;
  • demonstrates creativity and drive to innovate where it concerns the recruitment and inspiration of employees and students;
  • has demonstrable knowledge, experience and abilities in the field of internationalization of education and research;
  • shows connective leadership and has excellent social skills in order to formulate strategic policy for the School in a complex administrative context; 
  • is a dynamic and inspiring personality who values bottom-up initiatives and whose leadership style features open dialogue, engagement and trust;
  • is attentive to the wellbeing of students and staff and ensures connective collaboration through the employee and student participation bodies within the School and University;
  • has excellent communication skills in English and Dutch.

Terms of Employment
The position of dean is a full-time position which can be combined with a part-time research focus. The position has been assigned a scale 18 from the table of salaries applicable to the Collective Agreement of Dutch Universities. In addition, a dean’s allowance has been allocated. In principle, the dean is appointed for a period of four years, after which her/his professorship can be extended at Tilburg University, with a possibility of renewal for an additional four years.

Hiring Process
In this process, Tilburg University has itself assisted by Pieter Cortenbach of Vanderkruijs, partner in executive search. Those who are interested in applying for the position can indicate their interest by sending a letter of motivation (including a recent CV) to tiu@vanderkruijs.com - Vanderkruijs kindly asks applicants to submit their documents before 7th of January 2021.

For more information you can also phone Pieter Cortenbach or Dino Dierks Duarte at 020-7267272.

You shall receive confirmation of receipt of your application within one business day. We request that you contact our office if you do not receive this confirmation.

Interested persons should consider the following dates:
  • First round of interviews, Monday February 8th between 10.00 a.m. and 14.00 p.m. and Wednesday February 10th between 10.00 a.m. and 14.00 p.m.;
  • Second round of interviews, Monday February 22nd between 10.00 a.m. and 13.00 p.m.
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